We take care of everything for you

You are a property owner, not a computer scientist !

Digital property management platform

All your needs can now be done through our platform, fully remotely.

Everything in your pocket !

Full view of your properties, created in seconds, thanks to our own algorithms.

No more contracting headache

All your data already populated, electronically signed, secured and archived as per eIDAS.

Not a real estate agent? No need!

ThePension & partners provide all services (from insuring, to photoshooting, through sending mails) in just 1 click.

Stay connected with your tenant

Keep tracks of all your interactions with your tenant.

Your virtual assistant, always proactive

Get the latest notifications of what's happening on your properties.

Easy and convenient

No real estate agency or complicated system to configure. Simply connect.

Connect & synchronize with your bank

All your relevant bank transactions are encrypted, synchronized, and mapped towards the right property & accounting item, so you can spend your time on analyzing the insights.


Once safely connected to your accounts, our algorithm will intelligently identify & categorize the relevant transactions across the line items (ie. rent, loan).


Our platform is approved by the main French banks being part of the implementation of the PSD2 standard, initiated by Euopean Union.


Your data is encrypted end to end, with the highest level of confidentiality and security, always following your consent.

Your data in real time

Take the right investment decisions based on real time property valuation & profitability insights

Data science

Analyze the property sales transactions for the past 6 years across the French territory

Real estate market analysis

Visualize the market evolution by combining multiple data points

Bring your investment to the next level

Identify your next investment by understanding property actual value & profitability

Take back control & profits of your properties !

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