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Automate the management of your rental properties

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Time to give back
control & profits to property owners !

Save money

No more real estate agents or other management systems

Refocus on the core

Focus on profitability and valuation of your property

Keep investing

Identify where to invest directly from the App

Digital property management platform

Everything you needed for you and your tenants, directly from the app


Connect seamlessly to your bank accounts

All your property accounting matters are now fully automated, and secured


Insights now in real time

Keep control & oversight of your property value, and profitability, at all times


Your reviews

Daniel M.

Finally an App that can connect all pieces together & help understand my properties’ situation.

Nathalie L.

I already used other tools to manage my properties and get contracts created, but here is another level of seamless & automated process.

Marion F.

It lacked a couple of features (ie. rental in-app payment), but as a first release, this is already better than any other platform in the market !

Tristan D.

I handle a few properties with short-term rentals, I am happily surprised how it is taking care of such business, with higher management needed..

Take back control & profits of your properties !

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